Company: Bungie | 09/15 - Present

Position: Shader FX [Special Operations Team]


  • Develop Shader FX for requested content types

  • FX support and pipeline investigation

  • Shader network implementation investigation


Company: Free Market Station | 05/15 - Present

Position: Owner & Developer


  • Develop AAA content ranging from Environmental Design to Visual FX & Scripted Tools.


Company: Kite & Lightning | 04/15 – 06/15

Position: Visual FX & Design


  • Assist in the design of Visual FX with a focus on holographic visualization

  • Develop and implement Interactive 3D Holographic Huds

  • Develop Shader Mechanics

  • Develop Transition States


Company: Unreal Marketplace Content Creator | 10/14 – 06/15

Position: Cinematic Engineer


  • Develop Visual FX for specific content types

  • Develop all shaders, particles, meshes, lighting, scripting, textures, etc.

  • Launched Products: FX Star Starter Kit vA – FX Uwave


Company: Eat3D.Com | 01/10 – 03/15

Position: Instructor & Moderator


  • Created acclaimed DVD Series (Advanced Visual FX Masterclass Part 1 & 2).

  • Develop wide range of AAA visuals and tech art elements from concept to finished product.

  • Develop unique shaders using the unreal engine node editor tools

  • Develop supporting cinematic controllers via in-engine scripting language (kismet)

  • Construct curriculum(s) from the ground up (base – production).

  • Create new advanced and challenging content

  • Produce all art and content for my DVD series.


Company: Irrational Games | 04/12 – 11/12

Position: Narrative Scripter

Description: Launched Bioshock Infinite

  • Work close with all departments to create stunning Cinematic Events

  • Seamlessly Blend Cinematic Events with Gameplay Progression

  • Integrate Animation, Visual FX, Shader Animation, Lighting, VO, etc.

  • Performance Management

  • Cinematic Lighting Animation

  • Cross Platform Support

  • Sub-Level Streaming & Management


Company: TimeGate Studio | 10/11 – 3/13

Position: Temp Lead Visual FX (Minimum) // VFX Artist (Aliens Colonial Marines)

Description: Launched ACM & Minimum

Shader Duties:

  • Create stunning shaders using diverse resources

  • Create shaders within performance limitation via in-engine node editor

  • Creative Animation

  • Developing material functions driven by UScript / Kismet

  • Integrate functionality into parameters that drive Multi-Object FX

Visual FX Duties:

  • Work closely with Art Lead and Lead Visual FX to create stunning visual animations

  • Environment Visual FX Development

  • Weapon Visual FX Development

  • Character Visual FX Development

  • Create Visual FX rigs (HS)

  • Create unique meshes for Visual FX

  • Create unique UV's for FX manipulation

  • Work closely with programmers to implement new tech

Environment Duties:

  • Create High Poly Models

  • Create Low Poly Models

  • UV Objects

  • Create Textures

  • Mesh Performance

  • Environment Lighting (Performance)

 Work History Breakdown